To date, no glycome or metaglycome (partial or sub-glycome) related to a tissue, organ or cell type has been defined. We target the human milk soluble glycan glycome as the first human meta-glycome to be defined using our method. We characterize the theoretical human milk glycome based on the biosynthetic pathways of human milk and provide a database stratified by composition (Hexoses (H), HexNAc (N), Fucoses (F), and Sialic Acids (S)).

The complexity of glycan structures, relative to nucleic acids and proteins, presents a challenge in sequencing glycan structures in a high-throughput method. Here, we also present the results of a computational method to sequence glycans based on an approach known as "Metadata Assisted Glycan Sequencing" (MAGS) that combines MS analyses, glycan microarray experiments, and the HMG DB to fully characterize glycan sequences. We provide the results we derived using our approach on 33 unknown glycan structures.